Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Pelican Pictures

This is an update of an old blog.

These first pictures were taken close to White's Point from the path that leads down to the water by Royal Palms. The pelicans are actually below me in several shots.
That is Point Fermin in the background

These were taken in March of this year.
They soar in small groups or in large ones. They start flying along the breakwater in Cabrillo Beach then ride the uplift along the cliff edge to Royal Palms then turn around and fly back close to the wave tops.

California Brown Pelican
Pelecanus occidentalis californicus

Now the pictures shift to two pelicans following in a returning fishing boat.

They know there will be something to eat.
The beggars are very good at panhandling

A flock of gulls also followed the boat into the dock but they stay in the air above the pelicans hoping to get some left overs.

It is not uncommon for gulls to steal from a pelican when they try to swallow their catch. The pelican stays in one spot above the water then dives and when it resurfaces the gull is ready to steal.

The fisherman cleans out the dead bait from his bait tank and gives the pelican an early supper.

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