Thursday, September 2, 2010

2010 California State Speedway Championship

Yesterday I started out in San Pedro with my speedway bike sitting in my daughter's garage in South Pasadena so me and my furry mechanic started headed north on the 110 Freeway from one end to the other.

Then I got a message that the turbo nitrous fire breathing VW camper that I needed to haul the JAWA in was not cruising Colorado Boulevard but serving as a rickshaw in Chinatown.
Eventually we got everything loaded up and took the 10 Freeway crawl from South Pasadena to Industry.
I need a giant lens too.
The night was billed as the California State Championship but could have been called the Billy Janniro Show.
Sonny Nutter State Champion 1968
I finished second twice in the first two races which placed me in the main for my division. The main included the rider with an X on his back. I finally figured out the X stands for "EXCLUDED". There has been some discussion on the Yahoo User Group about him crashing or falling 80 percent of the time. I personally don't care to be on the same track with him but I don't get to pick who I race against. I had gate choice and elected to load in four so I could see where the hell he was. I knew he would crash sometime during the race and he did running into Mike Salyer. The race was restarted and X was placed back on the ten and he did it again on the final lap by running into Mike again taking both of them out and I crossed the finish line first but Mike was awarded the win. Slayer was also awarded "Kick of the Night".

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