Monday, April 6, 2009

A Sinking Market

This weekend the weather was warmer, the sky very blue, not too much wind, not too little, plenty of time for varnish to dry, take off the shirt and apply the sun block for a great spring time.

Saturday was filled small work details, spending money at West Marine, then rowing around the marina and taking a look at the new harbor construction. Later some boat hopping, comparing cabins, sharing tales and wine with other sailors. Sunday morning was out to sea for a day sail with an early start dodging power boat owners that don't know what courtesy or no wake zones are.

There are a few boat owners that believe that no wake zones are where you start to slow down from full throttle and the bigger the wake the better. On the way back in the entrance to the breakwater was filled with sailboats coming and going.

Most of the sail was spent tacking towards the island with not a lot of headway accomplishment but after a couple of hours my food supply became not so enticing so I headed back in and a much greater speed that the tack out.

Leaving earlier in the day before the wind kicks in harder allows for a lot effort when single handling and a much easier task of dousing the jib. Another benefit is that all the chores of putting my baby to bed can be done before I get too tried and lazy to do the proper things.

After doing almost everything except a few forgotten items I took a stroll around to look at the for sale signs. With the economy and the real estate bubble breaking boat ownership is more that the normal "just throwing money in a hole called a boat" but a hole that is shark infested. Pretty soon all that glitter that was status isn't and the baby that was loved so much becomes an unwanted child ready for any adoption. Well my baby still has someone that loves her and I probably will visit her sooner than normal as I left my long pants there, my new sweat shirt, a cheese cake and some fitting needed for my other sabot.
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