Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Furry Crusader

Trying to catch up on boat chores with sanding, varnishing and the never ending cleaning had some rewards last Saturday as after taking a work break I went sailing in a southerly wind and after several tacks to clear the breakwater the boat headed south. Running parallel to the breakwater outside towards Long Beach I met a large whale going in the opposite direction. By the time I reached my camera bag in the cabin the giant bruiser never reappeared. He/she came really close, close of to get me excited.

Yesterday the sun came out and the surf was up, so me and the mutt headed to her promise land. First surfing for me and later hunting for the dog. Well she loves it there because of the rabbits and squirrels hanging out there. If you are sensitive skip the rest. Her aim in life, besides sleeping and eating, is chasing rodents in hopes of making the world a better place. Sometimes she catches them and it isn't very nice to watch. She knows the park well and where her prey is usually sitting and sunning.

Yesterday I saw a squirrel on the fence next to the tables but she didn't see it and the squirrel remained still not moving to attract the dog. Finally after almost running nose to nose the squirrel ducked under the fence but didn't head for the open grass. So for several minutes the dog would go to the other side of the fence and the squirrel would duck back under neath safe on the other side resulting in a stalemate. All this time the squirrel continued to squeak out a warning to his friends while the crusader sniffed and clawed on the fence. She might still be there but I had to leave but she will be back again if the sun is out and the surf is up.

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