Friday, September 26, 2008

Stray Cats

After visiting the Tall Ships in san Pedro, the Port of Los Angeles, we went to visit the beach at White Point I had discovered earlier on a visit to Trader Joes. Earlier in the year I was given direction to TJ from a store in Wilmington and the verbal instructions were some what misleading. The store is located on Western Blvd. in Palos Verde and after leaving there recently I decided to follow Western to the end. Western used to be billed as the longest straight street in the world where is goes from Hollywood towards the ocean in a straight line until it meets the hills of PV where the straight stops. Well Western goes to the Pacific Ocean and if you follow the road around PV you will come to this park and a road down the bluff to parking along the rocks. There is quite a history to this beach but I will leave that for a later blog.

At the tall Ships there was a replica of the Pilgrim that Richard Henry Dana, Jr. sailed on and which he wrote of in his classic Two years Before The Mast. That journey sets out from Boston in 1834, around The Horn and then north to California. W hile visiting up and down the coast of California trading and gathering hides for return to Boston Dana stayed at San Pedro and for a while in San Diego. He enjoyed walking on the beach there and the pack of dogs that roamed about. He even adopted a pup and started to train it. Now if he would return 170 years later he would find not packs of dogs but hundreds of feral cats roaming the beach by San Pedro.

The night we visited there with my grandson not only were there feral cats in attendance but packs of racoons and way too many skunks. The cats, racoons and skunks would comingle like some summer beach party. At my boat in San Pedro many night you will be greeted by racoons fishing off the rocks and walking around the docks looking for food.

When I get caught up on my camera uses in the dark I will add some coons and stinkers.

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