Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Looking For Good News

Last week my boat's bottom paint was finished and the transom was painted. Then it was lowered back into the murky water of Wilmington and I motored her over to my new berth in Cabrillo in San Pedro home of Hurricane Gulch. First I had to take my noble Nissan to Cabrillo, drop it off and ride my bicycle back to the boat. There are two routes possible and the shortest one is over two bridges. I have done a lot of stupid and dangerous things in my life but the only reason to try and cross the Vincent Thomas Bridge without the armor of an automobile is suicide and they have a fence to persuade you not to jump off. But if you tried to cross over it on a bicycle you would more than likely get struck my a truck hauling a container loaded with crap from China and spend your last remaining breaths being a skydriver with a bicycle. The other route involves crossing numerous railroad tracks that can eat a 700 road bike wheel and spit the rider flying into the path of a truck hauling a container loaded with crap from China. If you stroll the asiles of a Cosco, Wal Mart or Target remember that 7.85 million 40-foot cargo containers were handled by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach which is 44% of all goods imported by cargo containers into the United States.

I am not sure if my boat likes the new slip yet and how she is handling the removal of her name from the transom. My guess is she is glad to be in the company of some very nice looking boats and much closer to the open water. We were all set to take her out Saturday and my son was looking forward to it then a late night call from him Friday changed that. That is why I am looking for good news.

My good news for today is there are actually people riding their bicycles to work in the mornings. When the dog requires her service early in the morning I have been seeing riders on the bike trail that are not cyclists in training but honest souls that have switched from fossil fuels and today is the first time they have outnumbered the illegals and day workers. The other good news is a Congressmen talking about impeachment. Currently I am reading The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder by Vincent Bugliosi. The title is self-explanatory and the increased anger generated by reading it towards the Bush administration is only compounded after reading Al Gore's The Assault on Reason. Then there is the free newspaper I recover from my neighbor's driveway when he is traveling in his RV. Luckily the Los Angeles Times covers the paper with a plastic bag that's prevents it from being water logged by the sprinklers watering the driveway every morning and when they are gone I can catch up on Doonesbury. Several years ago my business was located in a building next to a distributor for the Los Angeles Times. He was an independent businessman that received the Times via truck each morning then combined the various supplements, bagged the paper in plastic if rain was predicted or it was actually raining. He had to pay for the plastic bags and that cost came out of his income. The Times would penalize him if he ever failed to bag and he was required to do so if rain was predicted. Today the paper is always bagged and I guess it is to prevent it from getting wet from overwatering and miss-directed sprinklers during our drought. In an earlier blog I mentioned the pros and cons of reading a newspaper and apparently George W. Bush doesn't read the newspaper either and relies on others to fill him in. My guess was that he didn't know how to read then I was informed that he was in a book reading competition with Karl Rove so my surmise was wrong. Both Gore and Bugliosi offer insights into the problems created my Bush's thinkings and countless others offer explanations for his behavior. More and more people are expressing a dislike for Bush's war and my opinion on the Iraq has never waffled, I have hated every minute of the war.

Now reading a headline that said, "WAR ENDED YESTERDAY" would be Good News but not one that reads "Bush Sends Troops to Iran".
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Butt Call

When you have your IPhone or Berry in your rear pocket and you sit on it inadvertently placing a phone call.

After excepting an incoming call from my daughter there was no one there. I called her back and she said, "I am sorry dad it was just a butt call."
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